Water proofing for slope roofs

Waterproof films are used to protect the building structure from adverse atmospheric factors –snow, rain and formation of condensation. Waterproof films can be classified into two sub-groups: simple waterproof films and waterproof films with anti-condensation layer – the so-called anti-condensate films.

Simple waterproof films are usually reinforced polyethylene films laid on non-insulated roofs, in well-ventilated attics and sheds. Their main task is to collect water dripping from the roof and direct it away from the building into the gutters. Anti-condensate films are applied in pitched ventilated roof constructions for waterproofing purposes under roof surfaces with large amounts of condensation. Anti-condensate films are particularly recommended under metal roofs.

When applying a waterproof or anti-condensate film in roof constructions, an air gap must be left both above and below the film. These films should never be placed close to heat insulation.